forfeitable casino bonuses
Casino bonuses 23-07-2019

All you need to know about forfeitable casino bonuses

Today on we’re going to explain what forfeitable casino bonuses are, and why so many players (yours truly included) love them. To start off, we need to go back a few steps and explain the term “casino bonuses”. What is a casino bonus? A casino bonus is a promotion run by online gambling sites. […]

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betting companies help
United Kingdom 22-07-2019

Multiple betting companies commit to help problem gamblers

In a recently published article on Politics Home, Lord Chadlington applauds the recent voluntary commitment from several casino and betting companies to help fund programs to prevent gambling addiction. What happened? Five gambling operators pulled together and committed to raising their financial support by 1000%, from today’s 0.1% of gross gaming revenue to 1% of […]

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